The BIG Question: What Does Disciplemaking Look Like in the Church?

Once when I was training a room full of youth leaders, I did my best to paint a clear picture of the disciplemaking genius of Jesus. We were drilling down on Jesus-like disciplemaking friendships as a way of life for every follower of Jesus. Once I felt like everyone had some clarity on the simplicity and power of the disciplemaking genius of Jesus, I said, “For 5-10 minutes, I’d like you to pray and ask God to show you who he wants you to get more time with for disciplemaking friendships. I encourage you to make note of any little nudge the Holy Spirit might give you.” Everyone spread out all over the room. It was beautifully quiet, prayerful, and reflective.

When you invite God to show you who he wants you to get more time with for disciplemaking friendships, and then take a moment to sit quietly in the presence of God with a listening heart, you just might hear God whisper to your soul. Once I sensed everyone had enough time to reflect and listen to God, I said, “Now partner up with someone near you and share what you sensed God nudging you about when it comes to who God might want you to get more time with for disciplemaking friendships.”

I saw a volunteer youth leader, a woman about my age, stand up and turn to another woman who was near her. I stood behind them both—not too close but close enough so I could hear their conversation. The first woman said, “I prayed and asked God, ‘Who do you want me to get more time with for disciplemaking friendships?’ The first person that came to my mind was my teenage daughter. We see each other often but I’m not sure I’d say that God is a part of our relationship. Then I thought about the small group of teenage girls I lead every Wednesday night. I know at least two of them would be very open to more time with me. Then I thought about where I work in an office part-time. One of the women I work with has been asking me a lot of questions lately about why I go to church and where. I think she also might be up for more time together over lunch on our work days together.”

God spoke to that woman about being a disciplemaking friend right where she lived, worked, and volunteered. Exactly! How beautiful is that? That’s what I’m talking about. That response couldn’t have been any sweeter.

Then I moseyed over to a table full of youth pastors I know and love. As I approached the table, they strangely stopped talking and then they just looked at me. I said, “Hey, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to kill the conversation. I just wanted to hear a little of what you heard from God about your next steps in disciplemaking friendships.”

The youth pastor closest to me confessed,
“We’ve spent our time discussing what all this looks like in the church.”

“What did you guys come up with?” I asked sincerely.

“Nothing really,” he said sadly.

The contrast between the two different conversations was stark and sad.

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