Goodbye to 2020 and Good Riddance!

Note: My dear and longtime friend, Mike Pflederer, gave me his permission to use this beautiful tribute to his wife, Karen. Everything that Mike writes about actually happened to him in 2020.

Early in 2020, I was diagnosed with a small benign tumor on the base of my brain causing me to lose my hearing in my left ear. After many doctor appointments, MRIs, and Gamma Knife radiation, my loving wife, Karen, was right by my side. 

Then I contracted a bad case of shingles on the right side of my face which ended up eating a hole in my right eardrum causing significant hearing loss in my “good” ear. Again, after many doctor appointments, ENTs, audiologists appointments and eventually getting hearing aids, my loving wife was right by my side. 

Then in June I had a small accident at home and broke my back. Now have two rods in my back. I spent  11 days n the hospital and many more weeks in a makeshift hospital at home. Again Karen was always there right by my side. 
Next was a bout of skin cancer on my face. After that, I passed a kidney stone. Needless to  say, this has been a  rough year. Through it all, Karen right there by my side. 

Finally, at Thanksgiving, I tested positive for Covid-19. I was sick and had to  quarantined for 14 days. Yes, once again, my faithful and loving wife, Karen, continually right by my side. 

Last night, as I was gazing into her eyes recounting this past year, it dawned on me: My wife is bad luck.

Note: Karen was the one to suggest that Mike write this all up. She's champ.
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