Multiplying discipleMAKERS...

[NOTE: Whenever you pray for us or support our mission, it's like you are being God's wind in our disciplemaking sails. THANK YOU! We, then, will take what you've given to us and seek to multiply discipleMAKERS in a never-ending chain of disciplemaking that will eventually outlive all of us—all for God's glory. Here's one such story.]

I was very encouraged by our day together with you and the guys who are currently in our Disciplemaking Learning Community (DLC). Thank you for all the the effort you prayerfully put forth to find and gather willing men from whom I have learned much. I'm thankful for the many rich disciplemaking take-aways I have gleaned from studying the life of Jesus with you and them. I owe much of where I am in ministry right now thanks to your disciplemaking friendship.

I want to encourage you in your ministry with Cadre Missionaries because when I see you teach and train, it seems as though this is what you were put on the Earth to be and do. Through our disciplemaking friendship, God has given you—and will continue to give you—fruit that will last. Like you often say: "disciplemaking friendships that multiply." I love seeing it. I love being a part of it. You help me love Jesus more. Praying for you as I send this.
—Braden Nafziger (on the left in picture above)
Missionary Pastor of the Church in Goofy Ridge, IL 

Our 2020-2021 Disciplemaking Learning Community
known as The Peoria Area Leadership Community

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