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One of our best disciplemaking friends from Wisconsin connected us to this pastor in the state of Washington via Cadre's book, The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus. In the note below, I've taken the liberty to highlight in red some of the most cogent, beautiful, and transformative acts of God. As you read below, I hope you are encouraged and that you find yourself thanking God and giving him all the glory.

This is my small group [seep pic above]. We are a small church (125-150 weekly attendance) in a small but rapidly growing community. I was sent out to plant a church around 15 years ago. The church that sent me was a small-group based church, seeking to practice a cell-church ministry philosophy, so there was not only a high emphasis on small groups/relationship, but also multiplication at every level. Of course, this fits very nicely with Cadre's "disciplemaking-friendships-that-multiply" emphasis found in The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book. So we've been reading and wrestling through the book in my small group. It has not only invigorated me personally, but others in our group too

Two of our couples were so intimidated about doing a book like this, that they started getting together several days before our group met, to work through the chapters and discussion/applications pages together. They all matured together as they met, not only absorbing the material more fully, but have been very active in reaching out to a couple of families to develop friendships. It has been VERY fun to watch them. 

Once we got into chapter two, my wife began reaching out to a 16-year-old girl who recently became the first one in her household to trust in Christ. They've been meeting for several weeks sharing life and going through the book of James. My wife is blossoming and LOVING it.

One of the gals attending last night is new to our church. She said she's been attending Bible studies for over 30 years, but this is the first time she has connected "making disciples" as something she was personally called to do. Additionally, she can also now envision ways that might happen in her life after working through the book.

I really am looking for ways that we can continue to embed and spread these disciplemaking friendships more fully into the culture of our church, rather than moving on to the next new thing.” 
—Pastor J, Washington State 

Post Note:
We are traveling to Washington state to come alongside of Pastor Jeromy and his ministry leaders for several days of intensive disciplemaking friendships that multiply. Crazy Pastor Steve and Pastor Nate Stenholtz are with me! Pray that God would do only that which God can do! See video below...

To God—and God alone—be the glory!


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