So many people trying to find friendship and community...

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So many people trying to find friendship and community.

Here's a thought.
Instead of trying to "find" community, what if instead you sought to "build" community right where you live, work, play, and church?

But how does one "build" community?

As a general rule, I try to take all of my questions to Jesus and the Bible. 

So, how did Jesus "build" community? 

This is where I invite you to do your own study on how Jesus used meals to connect with people. At a minimum, you could quickly search "Jesus eating." What can we say with certainty about Jesus and eating in the Bible? It seems that Jesus enjoyed eating meals with all sorts of people—and the meal wasn't about the food—it was how Jesus connected with people. Can you think of a better way to connect with people? Perhaps this is why Paul lists "hospitality" as a requirement for all leaders in the church (1 Timothy 3:2).

You are going to eat at least 21 meals this week. Why not share a meal with framily (friends and family)?

* With whom would you like to share a meal?

* When is the last time you initiated a meal with anyone?

* What are you waiting for? Someone has to initiate. Why not you? 

There's no better time to reach out than right now.

Instead of trying to "find" community, what if instead you sought to "build" community right where you live, work, play, and church?

More about building friendship and community here:

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