When men follow Jesus together, the world begins to change!

This is what we do as Cadre Missionaries: We gather men of all ages together to 
1) pour over the Word of God, 2) follow Jesus together, 3) make disciplemakers, and, 4) have a ton of fun and laughter in the process.
"Bill, thanks for the day of training and encouragement with our guys. The feedback we are getting from the men is outstanding. One gentleman had planned on leaving early, but he changed his mind. He told his wife that he couldn't leave the training—it was so good and he wanted to stay until the end. We so appreciate you." —Kevin Ricke, Men's Ministry Leader

(If video above doesn't appear, go here.)

(If video above doesn't appear, go here.)

We can bring this kind of training to the men of your church or ministry. 

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to encourage and equip ministry volunteers, start here.

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