Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrating how God is using YOU...

From our hearts to yours, THANK YOU for your prayer and financial partnership—thus making Cadre Ministries possible.

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Here's a fact: We couldn't take any of part of this Jesus-like disciplemaking adventure without people like you who love us, pray for us, and give to Cadre. We need you. You make our ministry powerful and possible. Every expression of partnership breathes life into our souls… so we can do the same for others! For more information about how you can partner with God, the Allisons, and Cadre Ministries, go here. To make a secure online tax-deductible donation, go here.  Cadre Ministries is a recognized 501(c)3 ministry.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Funday: The philosophy major living in my basement

He may think he's a rockstar, act like a rockstar, have the hair of a rockstar, and even play in a pretty cool rockstar band...
but to me he's the guy who mows my lawn, uses my amp, drives my car, eats my food, and lives in my basement.

I'm not complaining. I really enjoy having him around. The truth is I'm glad to have another man in this otherwise estrogen-filled house. Plus, he's got great taste in football teams.  Da Bears!

He's trying to get through college... and in a few years graduate with a highly employable philosophy degree. :  )

Looks like he might be living in the basement for a couple of more years... unless his band makes it big. And I'm more than cool with that because I love him... and his journey with Jesus.
"This is my son whom I love; with him I am well pleased." Matthew 3:17

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Never before have we had so much ministry activity and so little disciplemaking like Jesus

Ever wonder why we aren't making disciples who make more disciples—who make more disciples—like Jesus?

Think about that question for a moment.

Never before have we had so much ministry activity with so little Jesus-like disciplemaking.

Isn't it time we dared to asked why?

If you're open and daring enough to ask why, here's a FREE resource to help you on your exploration: The Training Genius of Jesus.

But here's the catch: You can't just read through this resource alone... by yourself. You must invite at least one other person to download the resource and then walk through it together—taking the time to actually dialogue and explore the discussion prompts... together.

If you're in... here you go:
I promise to dialogue The Training Genius of Jesus with at least one other person.

What's this download all this about? Here's a hint:
Give a man a sermon, and you've fed him for a day. Train a man to be a disciple who makes more discipleswho make more disciples, and you change the world forever.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Funday: Why I need your prayers...

As I came out of my bedroom, I heard giggling from nine-year-old Libby and six-year-old Sadey's bedroom, so I walked over and opened the door. Libby and Sadey were sitting across from each other and when they saw me they stopped talking, looked back at each other, and started to giggle again.

I said, "What are you guys up to?"

Sadey said, "We're talking about boys." They both looked at each other for a moment and then simultaneously gushed out giggles again.

Seeing a teachable moment, I said, "You know, any boys must be cleared through me... as long as you live in my house."

"We know," they both giggled. Then things got quiet as they waited for me to leave so they could continue their conversation.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I asked, "Which boys are you talking about."

More giggles, then Sadey came forth with a name—the name of a friend's son. A good choice... really.  But I responded, "I'm guessing this young man would currently think girls like you have cooties."

Six-year-old Sadey said, "I'll wait until he grows up and stops thinking like that." And then she added, "Boys don't have cooties, they have cuties."

This is why I need your prayers.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's your training plan?

Don't think you need a training plan? Then consider this.

Don't want a training plan? Then consider this.

Want a training plan but don't know where to start? Then keep reading...

Cadre Ministries can bring training to you and your ministry—or even better—we can equip you to take training to your ministry. The training is fun, practical, and solidly anchored in the Bible. What are you waiting for?
Help is one click away. For information and details, contact us right now.

For a FREE book you can download and use as a do-it-yourself training session, go here now.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What if disciplemaking really is the main thing?

In a recent Barna survey, pastors identified their top need as getting clarity about their church's vision and mission.

Without engaging in a bunch of leader-speak here, let's simply say that if we are not clear about the church's vision and mission, then we are not clear about the "main thing."


Very interesting.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus commanded all of his followers to "make disciples."

Thanks to Jesus, we now have clarity.

Simple. Profound. But obviously not obvious.

If you're wondering where you can find the best program for making disciples, here's a thought.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Junior High Students Lead the Way in Disciplemaking!

We just invested a weekend encouraging and equipping junior high/middle school students to make disciples who make more disciples.

Yes, I said junior high and middle school students and disciplemaking in the same sentence.

I know, right?

For some strange unfortunate reason, junior high/middle school students are often regarded as the ugly step-daughter of youth ministry.

I couldn't disagree more.

When it comes to disciplemaking like Jesus, I think jr. high/middle school students can lead the way... for the high school students and adults. (Yeah... you'll probably need to reread that sentence again.)  I continually see it happen... and I saw it in Minnesota at the Equip Training Experience last month.

About 100 students and youth leaders from 5 different ministries from 3 different states gathered at Ridgewood Church in Minnetonka, MN for the Equip Training Experience. Almost every part of this equipping experience was led by the students (with adults in supporting roles)... including the training and worship times!

The training is fun, biblical, and highly interactive. No long lectures here. Lots of disciplemaking triads (groups of 3) wrestling Scripture for understanding and application... together. Plus, each day there are practical, hands on expressions of overflowing God's love to the world... so Equip isn't simply a seminar that happens at a church. It's an authentic disciplemaking training experience.

Right out of the Equip training manual (click the image to enlarge for reading). "Living as friends who follow Jesus together."AKA: Disciplemaking.

Lots of hands on learning activities... students with students... adults with students... all learning together and having a blast.

Here's another learning activity that included engaging students in God's Word, praying, and community.

Studying Scripture to know and love God... together. By now you might be thinking, "The middle school students in our ministry would never do what I'm seeing students do in these pictures." I say, they could and would... IF you would lead them there. Perhaps you are getting from junior high students what you expect. You don't expect much... and your getting exactly what you expect. Maybe you need to change your expectations.

Yes, students also serve at Equip behind the scenes. Everyone's got to eat during the weekend training experience. These crazy students and adults made some of the meals happen... and they had a ball while working for God and others... together.

Yep. Equip is a crazy fun and life-changing equipping experience designed to "equip" junior high and middle school students to be disciples who make disciples... who make more disciples.

Isn't that what Jesus really wants from all of us who claim to know and follow Him?
Want to learn how to bring the Equip Training Experience to your junior high/middle schoolers? 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Like having a grandkid, but she's my kid...

Who needs grandkids when you can keep making your own? 
#notnormal #yolo #olderkidsarefreebabysitters

Here's our funny and true story about how God gave us this kid.