30 years and 7 kids later...

We are celebrating 30 years of marriage on June 11, 2018.
Here's how we were rolling the first year of marriage in the 80s. Yes, I'm holding on tightly to my Bible. Still am. One of the older guys in my life whom I deeply respect passed this gem on to me: "Make God your #1. Make your spouse your #2. Then pursue your #1 with your #2." Thank you God that I get to pursue you with my best friend.

Still crazy (and fertile) after all these years.

So. Much. Fun.
God. Is. Good.


BTWatts said…
Happy Anniversary!
Lori Carbone said…
Happy Anniversary to you both, and to having many more!!!
You are both GREAT people with a GREAT family!!

Lori Carbone

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