Rethinking Preaching and How Disciples Are Made

"I came through the whole system with the best education that evangelicalism had to offer—yet I really didn't receive the training that I needed.... Seven years of higher education in top-rated evangelical schools didn't prepare me to 1) do ministry and 2) be a leader. I began to analyze why I could preach a great sermon and people afterwards would shake my hand and say, 'Great sermon, Pastor.' But these were the very people who were struggling with self-esteem, beating their spouses, struggling as workaholics, and succumbing to their addictions. Their lives weren't changing. I had to ask myself why this great knowledge I was presenting didn't move from their heads to their hearts and their lives. And I began to realize that the breakdown in the church was actually based on what we learned in seminary. We were taught that if you just give people information, that's enough."
—Dr. Clyde McDowell, Vantage Point: The Newsletter of Denver Seminary, June 1998

Is it REALLY possible to make disciples of Jesus Christ by dispensing information via speaking, preaching, and teaching alone?

What do you think?

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