Monday Funday: Election fatigue anyone?

Just in case you're the only person in America who isn't suffering from election fatigue... here's who I'm voting for this year.
Yeah. I'm messing with you. I'm such a tease. But it's all in fun. And let's keep it real. In case you haven't noticed, an election year—especially THIS election year—is a really good time to NOT lose your sense of humor.

Hence this post.

However, if you really want my take on this election, go here. But who really cares about what I think? Honestly.

Or, you can watch this Rick Astley video from the 80s. Watching this video will make you really glad we're not in the 80s anymore.

(If video doesn't appear, go here.)

Or, you can ponder what it would be like if Jimmy Buffett was president...

(If video doesn't appear, go here.)

See. This post wasn't a total waste of your time.

Yeah, I'm still messing with you.

But please keep in mind what I said earlier about NOT losing your sense of humor during an election year.

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