8 Great Questions About Disciplemaking Learning Communities (DLCs)

(The 2017-18 Peoria Area Leadership Community, a Disciplemaking Learning Community)

What is a DLC?

Why are DLCs important?

How is a DLC connected to leadership development?

Did Jesus have a DLC?

* What is a good curriculum for a DLC?

Why aren't more people doing DLCs?

Where can I get DLC help?

What's a good first step for starting a DLC?

If you aspire to live a disciplemaking way of life AND you want to be encouraged and equipped to initiate a Disciplemaking Learning Community in your area, please contact Cadre so we can figure out how best to walk alongside you as a disciplemaking friend. We don't care if you're a paid ministry leader or a volunteer ministry leader. If you aspire to live and share this way of life, contact us.

Disciplemaker's Living Guides here.
That moment when someone you're discipling starts discipling another person!

If you've read this far, then you really must be interested in Disciplemaking Learning Communities. So here's more.

Disciplemaking Learning Community in Mesquite, NV.

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