Ordinary Places, Extraordinary God

I, along with some of our Central  IL disciplemaking friends, traveled to New Beginnings Baptist Church in my beloved hometown of Streator, IL, to have fun equipping disciples to become disciplemakers—like Jesus intended. (Click any image below to enlarge for viewing.)
About 45 people from over a dozen different churches in the Central IL area gathered to study, live, and share Jesus' disciplemaking secret sauce. (Above: Friends from Central Church of Christ, Streator, and Harvest Time Bible Church, Rock Falls, IL.)

(If video above doesn't appear, go here.)

Three of these men had a major role in discipling me as a young teenager! I shared two of their stories in The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book. It was surreal for me to do this disciplemaking training experience with the very folks who discipled me.

Disciplemaking as a way of life must start with our family. My daughter Aubrey and my mom in the center of the picture above. We're not kidding when we pray The Disciplemaker's Prayer: "...starting with my family."

Over thirty years ago, I was a youth pastor in Streator when I first met Jan Reinmann (center right at the table in the above picture). Jan received Jesus Christ as his Savior as a young teenager when one of the students I was discipling shared the Gospel with him. (There it is–three generations of discipleMAKING. Yes, students can make disciples who make more disciples!) Many years later, here we are with Jan, his wife Heather, his pastor and friends from the Assemble of God Church in Streator. Again, so surreal and so blown away by what Jesus does in and through us—all for His glory—and all glory be to Him alone.

The real mission of Cadre Missionaries to make discipleMAKERS—who make more disciplemakers... like Jesus did... and continues to do today. Above: Stacy, Dave and Rennie Garda, Crazy Pastor Steve, and Derrick Smothers.

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