Ignite Youth Leadership Conference

If you know us, you know that we've always sought to strategically make disciplemakers with the next generations—like this: "Now that I am old and gray... Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me" (Psalm 71:18). That's WHY we were glad to accept the invitation to do three disciplemaking training experiences for students and youth leaders at Ignite Youth Leadership Conference in Des Moines, IA, and in Oswego, IL.

What is it like at the Ignite Youth Leadership Conference?  This short video above will give you a sense of the energy the students bring to this conference! (Make sure your volume is up!) They do this for EVERYONE who enters the church. So. Much. Fun.

I have an almost 30-year-friendship with Pastor Jonathan, the founder of Ignite Youth Leadership Conference (in the middle above)! (Ignite trivia: I was the main speaker at the very first Ignite Youth Leadership Conference many moons ago.) Here's the kicker: Students lead much of what happens at Ignite! (Hello! The highest form of youth ministry is student to student!) Pastor Jonathan is the heart and passion behind this unique and fun conference that draws thousands of students and youth leaders. Why do they come? It's all about equipping and encouraging the next generations—and those who lead the next generations. PLUS: It's the most fun, practical, and affordable conference I've ever seen. 

Training students and youth leaders with Cadre's Disciplemaking Manifesto.

Volunteer and vocational youth leaders explore Your Most Important Job as a Youth Leader!

I also did this training experience at Ignite! More here on this.

Always so much fun with Matt Drietz (center back), Youth Pastor of Harvest New Beginnings Church in Oswego, IL, and Dr. Ken Castor (on the right), Family and Next-Gen Pastor at Wooddale Church in MN.

In between training sessions and main sessions, we get to do lots and lots of this: relationships! Why? Because disciplemaking really is relationships! 


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