Train, Coach, and Mentor!

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Make no mistake about it: We can't do Cadre Ministries without friends and ministry partners—especially in economic times like these! For more information about how you can partner with God, us, and Cadre, GO HERE. To make a secure online donation right now, GO HERE.


Anonymous said…
Those are some nice things to read about.... but how about that (realtively) new profile pic!?!?!?!

Hey I was reading a blog of one of those srufer ministry people a while back and THEY GOT IT GOIN' ON!
Pheaney said…
Those guys in the lower right corner of your letter look REALLY studly. Especially the one towards the back with the baseball cap on.

And nice reformat of the blog. As you have told me... 'everything has a beginning, middle, and end.'
Bill Allison said…
Jeff: You mean, How about the loss of Bill's hair.

Pheaney: You're my hero for following the blog. Hard core.
Anonymous said…
Actually I was just thinking it was "very surfer of you"
Anonymous said…
BTW a personal note...

I just read you rcoplete bio and I have some advice to pass on.

Riding to LA on old route 66 you will encounter several miles of gravel road which are not motorcycle friendly... last month my dad tipped his 2005 Goldwing on its side trying to manuever through a loose gravel patch on RT 66 in New Mexico.... thankfully they were doing about 10 mph and there was only minor scrtches to show for it (and those were buffed out by a body guy he knows)

So I'm just saying...
1. I actually read this blog
2. reconsider the Route 66 thing
3. If you want to ride the whole length of the Blue Ridge Parkway... I'm in!

Bill Allison said…
Jeff... thank you for the advice. I hear you... I really do. But I'll probably still give it try.

And hey... once I achieve this lifetime goal (not actually scheduled right now... and I'm going to need a motorcycle too—perhaps after finishing paying for braces, college, and weddings?), THEN I'll need a new lifetime goal... and the Blue Ridge Parkway sounds fun... especially with you!
ringels said…
with 5 girls, you may never be done paying for weddings... :)
Bill Allison said…
Ringels: By the time I am done paying for weddings... they'll have Route 66 paved! So it's all good!

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