Making disciplemakers and training trainers... via iChat?

If you know anything about this blog, Cadre Ministries, or my life, you know I'm passionate (some would say "obsessed") with making disciples of Jesus Christ.  To that end, I wanted to share with you something very cool.

I just finished training my friend, Josh Burnett, a church planter, to train Ministry Is Relationships with his core team.  And I didn't have to fly to Maryland to do it.  That's the cool part.
I sat in my house in Central IL and Josh was in his residence in Annapolis, MD.  I was able to transfer video clips, PDFs, and mp3s he needed to do the training—all the while we were on video chat via iChat.
Plus we walked through the entire training slide by slide together.  Josh took notes while we talked.
Two hours later, Josh was good to go.

Am I the only one that thinks this is amazing technology or what?


craig said…
Great Stuff. Teach us how you did it. Do you gotta have a mac?
Bill Allison said…
Yes... you gotta have a MAC. You need a MAC bro.
Anonymous said…
But Bill ... your ministry was going on in Maryland before that ... Because this summer a huge crowd from Peoria took 100+ teens to YFCamp in Maryland. Guess what ... most of the YFC Staff and YFC Ministry Leaders have been influenced by you ... heavily.. Dan L.
Anonymous said…
Yeah... thanks for rubbing that in...

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