Disciplemaking Friendships with the Next Generations: Summer Ministry 2018...

We just got back from Challenge 2018 in Kansas City, MO, and here is some of what God did! (Click any image to enlarge for viewing.)
Here's a picture that screams "disciplemaking friendships!" It is always so much fun to partner with Shane Stacey (center in green) and the student ministries of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). See a little bit of our history herehere, and here.

It all went down July 2-6, 2018. It was Cadre's honor to partner with the EFCA by bringing disciplemaking training to students and youth leaders at this year's Challenge Conference. 

Our dear friend from WI, Nate Stenholtz, also did Cadre training at challenge this year! That's right. At the very center of our mission is training disciplemaking trainers to make more disciplemakers. That's disciplemaking multiplication! You interested?

Do you want to know what we trained at Challenge? Then check out The Disciplemaker's Prayer. I dare you to start praying it.

Over the course of a few days, we were able to encourage and equip over 600 students from all over the country with our "Friends That Matter" disicplemaking training experience! How strategic is that

And we were able to encourage and equip another 600 youth leaders from all over the country with our "Jesus' Disciplemaking Secret Sauce" training experience! Think about how strategic THIS is.

In between the large main sessions and our disciplemaking training labs, we did this! We loved on youth leaders and students. So. Much. Fun.

Want to know what Jesus' disciplemaking secret sauce is? Here's a hint.

Wherever we went—even if it was out for our morning coffee—we ran into people we know and love. Here are some of our friends from Laredo, TX.

Two thumbs up to YOU for tracking with us via Cup O' Joe with Bill. From our hearts to yours, THANK YOU! It is an honor to be your Cadre Missionaries.

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